The Top 11+ Female Travel Trends & Statistics

Gender imbalance is a topic regularly taken up in the travel industry, and recent studies have revealed that females travel more than their male counterparts. Research suggests that 64% of travellers across the world are female while the remaining 36% are male, making women much more likely to engage in international exploration. Furthermore, most booking sites reveal that women make up an even greater proportion of online customers when booking holidays and trips abroad.

Women often cite a number of factors for their propensity to travel, citing a curiosity for different cultures, experiences and landscapes as primary motivations. The access to solo or group trips suited to their interests also encourages them to explore new destinations. Men on the other hand appear more likely to prefer close-to-home destinations with family or friends

Female solo travel is seen as a thing of positivity and strength within society; something that has bolstered international recognition further. In many places around the world today it is becoming less ‘unusual’ for women to take upcoming vacations alone if they wish – leading to countless unexpected memories and cultural experiences from all around the globe.

Below we look at some of the top trends in female travel that are reshaping travel as we may know it in the coming years.

Top Female Travel Statistics and Trends

Here are some of the top trends and statistics in female travel:

1. Preference for Local Travel Post-Pandemic

Post-pandemic, 23% of females express a preference for traveling closer to home. This shift indicates a desire for more familiar and accessible destinations, possibly driven by a renewed appreciation for local experiences.

2. Trust in Specific Airlines Post-Pandemic

In the post-pandemic era, 17% of women plan to exclusively fly with specific, trusted airlines. This suggests that airline reputation and safety measures play a pivotal role in women's travel decisions, emphasizing their commitment to secure and reliable travel experiences.

3. Decline in COVID-19 Concerns (2021 vs. 2022)

A noteworthy shift is seen in COVID-19 concerns among women. In 2022, only 16% of women express worries about contracting the virus while traveling, a substantial decrease from the 37% reported in 2021. This decline reflects growing confidence in safety measures and vaccination efforts.

4. Rise of Women-Only Travel Companies

Over the past few years, travel companies dedicated to serving female customers have seen a significant surge, with a remarkable 230% increase. This growth indicates the rising demand for tailored travel experiences that cater to women's preferences and needs.

5. Independent Travel Among Single American Women

Approximately 32 million single American women embarked on at least one journey in the past year, with one in three women venturing out on five or more trips. These statistics highlight the independence and adventurous spirit of single women travelers in the United States.

6. Influence of Women in Travel Decision-Making

An astonishing 80% of all travel decisions are attributed to women. This emphasizes their pivotal role in shaping travel choices for themselves and their travel companions, underscoring their influence in the industry.

7. Rising Interest in Female Solo Travel

The search volume for the term 'female solo travel' across all search engines has surged by an impressive 62% over the past three years. This growth reflects the increasing interest and curiosity surrounding solo travel experiences specifically tailored to women.

8. The Will to Travel Alone Again Among Solo Travellers

Among female solo travelers, a substantial 59% express their intention to embark on solo journeys again within the next 12 months. This indicates a high level of satisfaction and comfort with solo travel experiences among women.

9. Fearlessness in Travel

Regardless of global events, an impressive 86% of women assert that they are not afraid to travel. This resilience and determination demonstrate women's unwavering commitment to exploring the world, even in challenging circumstances.

10. Independence in Vacationing

Regardless of global events, an impressive 86% of women assert that they are not afraid to travel. This resilience and determination demonstrate women's unwavering commitment to exploring the world, even in challenging circumstances.

11. Popular Activities for Women Travelers

According to 27% of travel agents, the most popular activities when women are booking travel are sightseeing and shopping. This aligns with the desire for cultural immersion and exploration of local offerings that many women seek during their journeys.

12. Female Dominance in Adventure, Cultural, and Nature Trips

It has been revealed that 75% of those who embark on adventure, cultural, or nature trips are women. This showcases women's enthusiasm for diverse and immersive travel experiences, spanning from adrenaline-pumping adventures to deep cultural encounters and serene natural escapes.

What Inspires Women to Travel?

Women are increasingly taking the opportunity to travel, seek new experiences, and explore the world around them. Many women are inspired to make travel a priority in their lives, with destinations ranging from luxuriously comfortable to challenging and adventurous.

Women desire to have genuine and authentic experiences while they are traveling. This often means that cookie-cutter options do not satisfy them; they want to be inspired and enjoy their trips as much as possible. Beautiful destinations with aesthetically pleasing characteristics attract women’s attention, but activities that can be done when there is essential as well.

Cruises and beach getaways are traditional options for female travelers, but more and more women are opting for educational trips that immerse them in the culture of the country or region they visit.

Adventure settings offer another unique option for women who prefer an active holiday filled with exciting activities over relaxation. Social media has become an invaluable tool for female travelers looking for suggestions on where to eat, stay, sightsee or simply how to fill their spare time in a new destination.

There is no need for expensive phone calls when one can simply connect instantaneously online or through applications like message boards or direct messaging about areas of interest or anything else concerning their travels. Women use these platforms to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as to connect with locals who can give them more information about the places they visit.

In Summay: Female Travel Statistiscs and Trends

The increase in female solo travelers is indicative of the growing trend of women seeking independent travel experiences. Many are inspired by beautiful destinations and authentic experiences that offer something unique.

Women are also using social media to research their trips and stay connected with friends and family. All of these indicate a higher level of comfort and confidence among female solo travelers.