The Best Luxury Safari Lodges in The Okavango Delta

Find some of the best and most luxurious safari lodges in the heat of Okavango Delta.

The Okavango Delta is an incredible geographical miracle. Virtually unique in the world, it is an inland delta which never reaches the ocean, instead finding its way into the Kalahari Desert in northwest Botswana.

This remarkable phenomenon was formed by the seasonal flooding of the Okavango River, which merges with three distinct geographical features, these are the Panhandle, Drylands and Delta regions. The water flows from the highlands of Angola feeding the mighty Okavango River and flooding into this unique ecosystem between May and July.

Arguably one of Africa’s greatest wildlife regions, the Okavango Delta abounds with life. It’s a vibrant haven for resident species such as lions, leopards and elephants thanks to its vast network of islands, waterways and lagoons.

Birdwatchers journey here from around the world to marvel at over 444 species recorded to date, while botanists and ecologists can find much to intrigue them in among 1300 different flowering plants across various climates and habitats.

In this blog we take you through some of the best and most luxurious safari lodges in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

What the Best Luxury Safari Lodges in the Okavango Delta?

1. Xigera Safari Lodge

If you want to experience Luxury in the African bush built with sustainability, Xigera Safari Lodge is you best option. Xigera Safari Lodge is a unique accommodation nestled on the western side of Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana in the NG28 concession.

This haven has been meticulously designed and built to blend in with its surrounding environment. With an array of exemplary hospitality from the Red Carnation Collection, the lodge offers guests front row seats to experience the Okavango Delta’s majestic beauty.

Enveloped in lily filled lagoons and tranquil bushland, each suite has been handcrafted using flame-torched timber creating an amalgamation of nature and sophistication.

Guests are welcomed to this haven of safari luxury where they can take pleasure in exquisite African cuisine within lavish dining areas or have a cocktail served at their private outdoor decks while observing wildlife roam by. Some of the best parts about Xigera is their Game Viewing experience both around the lodge and on the afternoon drives

Xigera provides an unforgettable safari memories through exceptional experiences enhanced with world-class hospitality that will never be forgotten.

2. Duba Plains

Duba Plains Camp is located on an idyllic 33,000 hectare private reserve in the Okavango Delta where visitors can experience a wild environment with islands, floodplains and forests.

The accommodation is provided in tents that sit on railway sleeper decking allowing breathtaking views of the floodplain. The tents also come with their own private amenities such as air-conditioning systems over the beds and ceiling fans to keep them cool at night. Moreover, each tent also includes their own veranda which features a private plunge pool and a shaded sala for guests to relax in.

The main attraction at Duba Plains is its stunning wildlife experiences from lions and leopards to elephants, lechwe and buffalo that roam across its premises. People can explore it through various safari tours and get up close with these animals while still being in full safety.

Visiting this camp you are hosted by skilled guides that have local knowledge, visitors are able to learn more about the conservation effort that takes place here every day for many endangered species.

3. Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp is full of long-lasting traditions that have kept the camp alive for nearly 30 years, and visitors are frequently lucky enough to witness one of Botswana’s greatest successes – the reintroduction of black and white rhino into the wilderness.

Known as ‘The Place of Plenty’, Mombo Camp boasts massive concentrations of plains game and predators that can be observed on a 4X4 drive in both early mornings and evenings.

Tourists can expect to see anything from lechwe to giraffe, elephants to buffalos, whilst also managing to witness up-close sightings of lion, spotted hyena and leopards.

The experienced game rangers are well-equipped with knowledge on what wildlife will be seen when & where; making it easier for guests to witness all that Botswana has to offer.

Mombo Camp not only offers stunning safaris but great amenities too; with guests being guaranteed their own private deck looking out onto nature’s beauty, accompanied by private plunge pools for those hot days or needing relaxation time.

The staff members are extremely friendly and attentive – helping create an atmosphere completely devoted to visitors’ needs. Guests can indulge themselves in exquisite local cuisine during dinner-times or retreat under a thatched sala for a few drinks whilst overlooking the magical wilderness.

4. Chief’s Camp

Chief’s Camp is among the leading safaris offered in Botswana. The camp is located around Chief’s Island, an area known for having an abundant presence of predators, making it one of the most sought after places in Africa for Big Five sightings.

The main attraction at Chief’s Camp are game drives in the morning and late afternoon to catch glimpses of the diverse species that inhabit this area from rhinos to antelopes.

The lodge provides luxury accommodation with stylish bush pavilions each with their own plunge pool and a spectacular view of the Delta floodplains. For even more comfort there are also dining facilities, bar, curio shop and a library to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

All these amenities sit beneath big jackalberry, sausage and rain trees that give the whole area an incredible atmosphere. Whether you come to just relax or take photos of astounding wildlife, Chief’s Camp offers something unforgettable.

5. Jao Camp

Jao Camp is a must-visit for every adventure enthusiast. Situated in the Jao Flats, a remote island with lush beauty and mesmerizing views, the camp is one of the best experiences one can have while travelling through Botswana.

The camp has been masterfully constructed at multiple levels, decorated with African woodwork and art pieces to make sure that every visitor feels right at home. The main area stands elevated above a tree canopy which gives an amazing open plan living experience of its own kind.

For accommodation, there are nine spacious suites and two villas for couples or group travellers. Each of these tents have private decks that are well positioned to get an amazing view of the nearby Delta sunsets.

Visitors can enjoy both land and water-based activities here like game drives, quad biking, mokoro rides as well as boat trips along with bird watching tours and fishing excursions. There’s even a spa where visitors can relax after end of day adventures as per their convenience.

6. Little Mombo Camp

Little Mombo Camp is an intimate yet luxurious safari camp located on Chief’s Island in the Okavango Delta. Guests can stay in three wonderful luxury tents nestled between ancient jackalberry and sausage trees, overlooking the renowned Mombo Concession.

Little Mombo Camp provides guests with a royal experience, combined with a wildlife adventure that is sure to humbling. It provides an excellent opportunity to view herds of elephants moving through the area along their ancient paths, as well as plenty of other rare animals such as rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, hyena, wild dog, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and antelope.

Out on your game drives throughout the area you’ll be able to spot these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats as you seek out the full range of thrilling big-game experiences this region has to offer.

At Little Mombo Camp you’ll not only stay in a luxe environment that will make for an incredible retreat throughout your safari adventure but you will also have access to amazing opportunities that will further enhance your once-in-a-lifetime memories from Africa!

The spotlight lifestyle paired with attentive staff make this thoughtfully designed vision even more enjoyable and unique than any ordinary safari experience.

The Cost of Luxury Lodging in the Okavango Delta

The lodges have permanent tented camps with ratings up to five stars. They offer canvas rooms on decks and proper washroom facilities with hot water. The facilities are elevated according to the level of luxury. These luxury safari camps can range anywhere between $350 to $4000 per person per night.